Second Book?!

Second Book?!

Hello my wonderful readers! This won’t be a long blog post today but rather a little update about future works and blogs.

Blogs I still plan to write once a month, though April and May will likely be mid month posts as I will be away around the end of April, traveling and gaining more inspiration for my settings and characters. Previous travels have inspired city layouts, visions of the land or buildings whether small elements or large. Sometimes characters may be inspired by someone I have come across in my travels or it could be someone close to me. Not usually the full person is used as inspiration but maybe their hair color or one particular mannerism is incorporated into a new character.

For more exciting news, my second work has been completed! I still want to run it through some editing before I start the publishing process but I am hoping mid May I will be able to get that started and therefore hopefully have the book published on a similar timeline to the last one. This new story takes place a few years after the events of The Cardinal War but takes place in the newer city of Strongwater on the Eastern edge of the Frythiel Empire. The story, entitled Danger In Strongwater, will follow primarily the character of Reilynn along with her brother Artair and her best friend Mariel. Here is a little description to get you excited!


Far across the Frythiel Empire, lies the city of Strongwater, a simple fishing city resting on the shores of Ashside Lake with two Manors looming over its crystal blue waters; Lakeside Manor and Cliffside Manor. Due to its location, Cliffside Manor has less access to the plentiful lake and it falls on one particular family to assist in providing their daily fish. In addition to this chosen household, the city is filled with fishermen, market sellers and of course the nobles of the Manors.

Reilynn and her brother Artair were born into the chosen family that assists Cliffside Manor and the pair work hard to uphold this duty. While Reilynn’s best friend Mariel avoids this type of work, she excels in selling various wares at the market to earn some extra money. The two friends spend as much time together as possible and other than some bumps and bruises from exploring the Cliffside, life seems to be going well for them and the rest of Strongwater.

One day, what was once picturesque and simple living for Reilynn, Mariel and Artair soon becomes anything but. With an increase in fish demand but a decrease in supply, something does not add up to young Reilynn. Keyed into her intuition, Reilynn dives into the mysterious plot but soon realizes she is way over her head when her friend is in danger and mysterious men start appearing at every turn. Determination and a desperate message are all that she can rely on now to not only save her friend but also protect the balance of the city.


I hope you all keep your eyes peeled for this new and exciting story in Frythiel and if you haven’t read The Cardinal War, please have a read 😊

Keep reading and I will write again soon!

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