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Here you will find information on The Cardinal War as well as other works. I hope to keep everyone up to date on what I am working on next and more in depth details about the Frythiel Empire through my blogs. If you have any questions I can be reached through the contact page and GoodReads. Please also watch my Instagram and Facebook page for polls, updates and other behind the scene information about my writings!
Jennifer Tempest author of The Cardinal War fantasy novel
The Cardinal War by Jennifer Tempest, fantasy novel


With no known heir to the Empire, four conflicting noble families will use whatever means necessary to claim power for themselves, but only one can become the next ruler. While the nobles fight amongst themselves, some people of the Empire struggle to survive.

Growing up on the streets of Mordale, Eileen has never known her family, or much else beyond the best place to steal a meal. This all changes after one stormy night of loss, fear, and escape. Eileen is suddenly plunged into Mordale’s political turmoil, and her fate is intertwined with a warm-hearted but strict-to-his-duty messenger of the Empire, Daithi.

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